twentysix are pledging to be Carbon Negative

Ryan Scott,

As part of our membership with BIMA, under the guidance of their Sustainability Council, and through the support of our group partners at MSQ, we have decided our future legacy should be underpinned by the much needed and responsible step of offsetting more carbon than we produce. 

We have all read the news and seen the horrific impact of global warming on our planet. Only this week, a significant ice shelf has broken away from Greenland, the root cause being global warming. In 2018, carbon dioxide levels reached 411 parts per million at Hawaii's Mauna Loa Atmospheric Baseline Observatory - the highest monthly average ever recorded. 

Things must change. 

At 26, we pride ourselves on our positive impact to our communities and have, for over 15 years, been a primary employer in the North of England and beyond for people in the digital industry. 

We’re active with charitable endeavours, working with and generating opportunities for the next generation of talent via our work with apprentices and local colleges. But, whilst we’re incredibly proud of this work, there’s so much more we could do, as a business, to help not only our communities, but our planet too. If this year has taught us anything, it is that we as a generation have a chance to change the destructive path that the world is currently on. 

We are now taking a principled stand in our wider environmental impact and will be holding ourselves accountable on our mission to become Carbon Negative. This is a journey; it is not something we can achieve overnight, but our staff are fully behind the pledge. Through a process of measurement, targets, reductions, and communication, we will achieve our goals.

This is a significant period for us at 26, and we want to be as proud of our impact on society and our planet as we are of our work. We want to show you can be a responsible, profitable business. This is our pledge. 

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